[INFO] 150626 Watch both “I Order You” and “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” in Eng Subs on VIKI!

It seems like Viki got the license to broadcast both SBS’s Plus “I Order You” and MBC’s “The Scholar Who Walks the Night”! you can watch them for free there! Also, in English subs and even more languages as they become available!



  • I Order You

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[Instagram] 150626 Yunho Playing Billiards with Hojoon, Hyoje and Other Friends


Yunho is the black haired guy with the red JUSTO Sweater he was earlier spotted wearing~





“the ball is round; the world too, is round” ㅋㅋ




Choi Hyoje’s Instagram (choihyoje)
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[INFO] 150626 Press Conference for Changmin’s Drama “The Scholar Who Walks The Night” Date is Up, to not Clash with SMTown Japan’s


[tweet https://twitter.com/maxmingshun/status/614342945156628480]


English Summary:

It appears that the press conference for The Scholar Who Walks the Night will be at 2pm on 7/6 and will be about 1 hour 20 mins; simultaneously broadcast on youtube & the official website in Korea and China. Changmin will fly back for it and then return for SMTown Japan 7/6 after.
– written by drama staff in DC maxgall via @MAXmingshun





DC maxgall via @MAXmingshun,
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[News-Soompi] 150625 The Top 15 K-Pop Fanclubs in 2015 for Boy and Girl Groups


The Top 15 K-Pop Fanclubs in 2015 for Boy and Girl Groups



Local news source MBN released a 2015 mid-year report on the fanclub membership numbers for K-pop boy and girl groups, ranking the top 15 of each gender.

MBN surveyed the official fan clubs** (located in Daum fan cafes) of the numerous boy and girl groups in K-pop. The 2015 numbers were recorded June 4 for girl groups and May 27 for boy groups, while no exact date is specified for 2014.

Girl Groups


{p/n: check out original article here if interested}


Boy Groups

Most of the groups listed saw their fanclub member numbers go down, with the exception of Block B.


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[VID/Trans] 150625 Son HoJoon Shares Story about his First MS Break with Yunho on “Happy Together 3 ”




[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sammBrs3-7w]



Summary Translated by @mystaryunho:

  • basically the article was the gist+no matter how hojun tried to explain why lotte world was a downer for him yunho didn’t understand ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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[Instagram] 150626 Prince Lee Yoon/Changmin’s Making a Peace Sign in Lee Junki’s Latest Group Selca~





Actor Lee JunKi’s Instagram (actor_jg),
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