[Instagram] 150622 Photo of Changmin’s Custom Made Purple Westone in-ear Earphones



On TVXQ’s and Changmin’s earphones:

  • So looks like Changmin’s changed from his UE11PROs to Westones now.. (Yunho’s are UE11PROs too).
  • Yunho’s UE11Pros were about base price (before customisation) US$1,150.. Changmin’s ES50s are base price US$999. Continue reading

[Instagram] 150622 Yunho Donating for an Aution for a Pets Charity




HUG exhibition for the love for pets will be for a month in July continuing from last year.
We thank all the stars that donated their cherished items for online auction.
All profits will be donated for dogs and cats.





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[Instagram] 150622 Yunho with the Cast of “I Order You”




#IOrderYou our team! although (I) will still see (all of you) tomorrow, the day after tomorrow but..
already I am missing (everyone) -*he uses 네 which usually expresses surprise that he’s found himself missing them*- At this time too, (we’re) still in the midst of shooting (so I’m) sorry to these friends too and.. have strength 😅💪

(in jpn) glad that (we) met~




Baek Jongwon’s Instagram (superjongwon),
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[VID/FB] 150622 New Teaser Video for SBS Plus Web Drama “I Order You” (Kim Gaeun version)

I Order You 00


New Video Teaser on I Order You’s official channel:  link

{p/n: it is available only in korea, but you could use hola extension on chrome or app on android or apple, for more head to their website here}


You could watch it as well on SBS Plus facebook here: link




I Order You Official Channel and SBS Plus Facebook
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