[INFO] 150627 Yunho’s SBS Plus “I Order You” Drama Press Conference to be Held Privately on 150629


This’s been posted by a mod at TVXQ! international forum: “TVXQ!Today”, it seems like the press conference will be held on 150629 but won’t be open for public:


The I Order You press con is on the 29th, this Monday. This is not announced to the public as its a private function.





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[INFO] 150627 Date of Changmin’s “the Scholar Who Walks the Night” Press Conference has Changed to 150707!


With this change, it seems Changmin could attended it without running into any possible troubles ^^ (it was earlier set in 150706, which kind of clashes with SMTown Tokyo’s last day:


[tweet https://twitter.com/MAXmingshun/status/614713654487859200]



SWWTN Press Conference has been adjusted to 7/7 3 pm KST, according to words from Kim So Eun gallery




Kim So Eun gall via @MAXmingshum,
Translated by @joeylfy
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[Trans] 150627 Changmin with co-actors at the Filming Set of “The Scholar Who Walks the Night”


Pictures of the cast as they prepare for filming. In the recently-released photos, through Lee JunKi, Lee Yubi, Shim Changmin’s refreshing smiles, the set’s energy is conveyed. Even in the heat, the 3 people’s unconcerned and hot acting passion shows fully. Filming is currently in smooth progress. Continue reading

[INFO] 150626 Details on “the Gwangju Universiade” Stadium, Schedule, TV and Online Live Stream


The Gwangju World Cup stadium and the stage in which the opening ceremony of the Gwangju Universiade will be hold on 150703:




[cr: saygj.com via @UltraTVXQ]



Updates and some details via/translated by @snxy:

  • Gwangju World Cup Stadium being prepared;; stage looks big RT 
  • The Gwangju Universiade Opening Ceremony will be broadcast on KBS2 8.30-10.20pm KST RT
  • Looks like KBS2 can be streamed online. I just tested it out.. but we need an account first.
  • Acc. to the Gwangju Universiade / KBS2 schedule, out of the 200mins (running time), only 130 will be aired out of the 3 cultural events (which Yunho’s mini-musical is part of), this may mean not all will be aired. RT
  • FISUTV (Youtube, Universiade’s co-organiser) the vids of the opening / closing ceremonies of past Universiades ->

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  • Gwangju Universiade’s official HP ; – “24 hrs online broadcast starts July 2”

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  • “July 3rd 7.30 – 9pm Universiade Opening Ceremony 1am – 2.30 am OC highlights” :o, this is even shorter than KBS2’s!

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  • Guys, FISU is streaming Gwangju Universiade FOR FREE. register first. (twitter, FB OK)

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