[Trans] 171002 U-Know Yunho x Choikang Changmin Ends TVXQ Week Successfully.. the Audience’s Response was the Best



U-Know Yunho x Choikang Changmin ends TVXQ week successfully.. the audience’s response was also the best.

TVXQ who held their TVXQ Special Comeback Live successfully as part of the impressively-run week-long TVXQ Week has finished it with great success. On the 30th of September and 1st of October, TVXQ had held their TVXQ Special Comeback Live at Jamsil Sports Complex’s Indoor Gymnasium, and with a stage of their hit songs, showed their various sides through a talk with fans and others, causing an explosive reaction from the audience. In particular, on that day, TVXQ performed their songs- U-Know Yunho’s DROP and Choikang Changmin’s Journey (A Different Life), which were released through SM STATION’s Season 2, grabbing attention; Mirotic, KYHD, Catch Me, Something and others, showing both their superior vocals and strong performance which heated up the venue warmly. Also, at every interval during the concert, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin had segments where they shared candid stories with fans, including their preparations for TVXQ and the related behind stories as well as their thoughts on the show this time and on the Asia Press Tour, and their recent updates. Seeing that they had a heartwarming segment where they introduced the letters they wrote to each other, as well as a corner where they personally read out the letters that they had written for the fans who have given them love unchangingly for a long time and others, with intimate interaction and perfect stages, it was both enjoyment and touching moments that were presented. To add, TVXQ conveyed their sincerity in a message, saying “we are always thankful for the precious moments that we are able to spend together with fans, from the stage. It will be good if we could go on together in the future for as long as we have done so until now. Just like now, let us everyone of TVXQ and the fans each become people that can shine for one another.” With that, they wrapped up the show to applaud and cheer.

-upcoming concert details in Macau (10/15) and the Jpn Begin Again tour in November onwards, are omitted-





Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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