[INFO] 150102 TVXQ’s Localisation Strategy in Japan Discussed on Korean TV News (KBS)

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Translated by @snxy:

  • TVXQ’s localisation strategy in JP discussed on the 9pm news in KR RT @tvxqisgod: 동방신기 9시뉴스 현지화전략 설명으로 나옴!!
  • TVXQ’s growth in Japan – captions-> 100s of seats -> 5,000 seats → 10,000 seats → 50,000 seats

Video Clip Can be watched here


Translated by @mug_ping:

  •  On how the Korean wave can use the current stagnation in Japan as a platform to undergo a thorough fundamental reform to adopt and incorporate localized Japanese elements and use it as a renewed leap for the Korean wave in Japan
    KBS News: “True enough, TVXQ gathered as much as approx 140,000 spectators at 2 concerts.” [cr: KBS]



KBS, and as indicated above,
Shared by TVXQ! Express 


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