[Trans] 150606 Yunho and Kim Heung Soo (the King from NWJ)’s Interview with JP Magazine 「Motto shiritai! Korean TV drama」 (Released 150605)

this’s from an interview of both Yunho and  Kim Heung Soo, the actor who acted the King (Kisangun) in the Night Watchman’s Journal, with the Japanese Magazine 「Motto shiritai! Korean TV drama」 (I want to know more! Korean TV DRAMA):




Yunho’s Interview:


-Are you the type to quickly shed your character once the drama ends?

Although TVXQ’s tour began soon after the drama ended, I couldn’t get out of Mooseok easily. That’s because he and I had a lot in common personality-wise, and I came to respect how he always stayed true to his beliefs by acting him out. So it took me time to shed myself of him. It wasn’t like this for other dramas. Right after the drama ended. I continued speaking in Mooseok’s brusque, stiff tone.



-How do you envision yourself in your thirties?

I would like to continue my career as an actor while performing as TVXQ. I would like to play diverse roles and show new sides of myself. I want to keep honing my acting skills and become an actor that many people can relate to. I believe that ‘acting’ itself doesn’t make you a real actor. A real actor should be able to give hope or courage through acting. I will keep on exerting myself to become such an actor.


-If you were to be in a period drama again…

Warriors are cool, but I’d like to play a king, too. A king who at first glance seems self-righteous, but holds a deep-seated sorrow in his heart. I would like to express how he became that character, in a serious manner. A villain would be fun, too.


Kim Heung Soo’s Interview on working with Yunho:

-Speaking of action, Kisangun & Mooseok’s sword practice scene was impressive.

Yes, that scene! It was really tough. We began shooting from early in the morning on a sizzling day. There was no time in between to catch my breath when I wasn’t even warmed up properly. I thought I’d faint during the shoot.


-Any training you received beforehand?

I went to action school with Yunho. I realized on my first day of shooting that I too was growing old. The second I heard ‘cut’, I fell flat exhausted, but Yunho stood there, unaffected, just as his normal self. And I’m only three years older than him! I’ve got to start working out again. (laughs)


-How was working with Yunho?

Yunho and I talked to each another a lot. We were both very determined to make this drama a better one. Yunho leaned on me, a sunbae, and I was mentally soothed/healed by talking to him. I can say that those were times we got to know each other better. Thanks to him, I had fun(I enjoyed my time with him).


-What was your impression of Yunho on set?

He always gave everything he had, and more than anything else, his monster-like strength astonished me the most. He would go to Japan to give concerts during shooting and come right back for shoots that went on all night long. And all through that, he held himself to his strict self-managing standards. To put it simply, he is truly ‘a great person.’


EDIT: {p/n: sorry we missed the rest of his interview about Yunho and his amazing words about him, here it is:}


Also, he has a chivalrous spirit. He would never utter a single word of complaint even when unfair things happened (to him). But (for me), he seemed to be a little lonely that way. He had such a crammed schedule, and was surrounded by so many people, but for some reason he seemed lonely. I will not be able to lead the life he does, nor completely grasp the world he is living in, but I tried to understand it. I want to give him a big applause from the bottom of my heart.

-Yunho also said that you cared most for him.

Did he? I think that because the two of us clicked, we were able to successfully portray a tenderness in Kisangun-Mooseok scenes.


-Sometimes, the two of you seemed like male lovers.

Hahaha. Mooseok’s love story was cut out from what had been originally planned, and he ended up focusing only on his work as a night watchman. So instead, Kisangun and Mooseok came across as something like lovers. I laughed inadvertently when I saw fan-edited videos of the two of them.


-Were there directions in the script for when Kisangun touched Mooseok’s face as they met again in Ep.22?

That was added on set after discussing it with each other. There were a lot of elements that were added that way in scenes with Yunho. `You doing things this way will enliven the scene,’ I’ll try to be more evil here and you can do that.’ We exchanged a lot of ideas. The fondest memories I have of this drama are the times when the two of us talked and rehearsed together.





「Motto shiritai! Korean TV drama」vol.67,
JP-KR Translation by DC Yunho,
KR-EN Translation by @mystaryunho: 1 & 2
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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