[News-GET IT K] 150629 Jung Yunho, “”I Order You” Makes Me Feel All My Efforts Pay Off”


[Spot] Jung Yunho, “”I Order You” Makes Me Feel All My Efforts Pay Off”

The production conference for SBS’s new mini drama “I Order You” (produced by Ahn Gil-ho, script written by Lee Moon-hwi and Oh Bo-hyun) took place on June 29 at SBS building in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu of Seoul. Jung Yunho, Kim Ga-eun, Jang Seung-jo, Goo Jae-yi, Jo Yoon-woo, Baek Jong-won and the production team attended the briefing.

“I Order You” is a romantic comedy based on the namesake webtoon. It will depict a love story between handsome chef Yeo Guk-dae (played by Jung Yunho) and Song-ah (played by Kim Ga-eun) who has been in many relationships. The drama will be portrayed with FL-ada as the backdrop, which is an atelier specializing in handmade lunchboxes. Jung Yunho was cast to play as Yeo Guk-dae, owner and chef of FL-ada who is a chic, picky and principled man.

“After meeting the director and having a talk with him for a long time, I decided that I should join this drama. His human side won me over. I had a feeling that it would be a well-made drama that is well structured,” said Jung Yunho. “Unfortunately, I am not that good at cooking, to be honest. However, this drama is not all about cooking after all, and I thought it would be interesting to portray a story about love and life within cooking. Moreover, Guk-dae’s personality which I don’t possess also attracted me,” he continued.

He then went on explaining his character. “Yeo Guk-dae may seem like a picky, cold-hearted man, but in fact he is a man of principle and also has a gentle, pure soul. I’m very excited to show the viewers friendship and love inside that soul.”

When he was asked whether there is anything he prepared for the chef role, he replied, “Well, I have cooked several times at my fan meeting. I guess I can say I am quite good at slicing vegetables,” said the singer-and-actor. “I know that I have to look professional and real. Thanks to the director and many chefs who are helping me out, I’m doing quite all right, so far.”


Jung Yunho decided to come back to the small screen as a chef

Meanwhile, TVXQ fans will be able to see both of the two members on TV-respectively though. His group mate Changmin is also said to appear on MBC’s “Scholar Who Walks the Night”, which will air soon.

“We both have been holding down acting and singing at the same time for a while. When we meet to do some TVXQ schedules, we talk a lot, and cheer each other. While I’m trying to be a little cheerful since it is a romantic comedy, Changmin is trying to keep up with his man-like, charismatic vibe for his king role. Doing a drama respectively makes us rethink about our teamwork, for some reason,” he said.

He also revealed his cooking skill on this day. “I know how to cook seaweed soup. While preparing this drama, I also learned how to make vongole pasta. So far that is it, though. I am spending time cooking alone at home these days. It’s fun,” said Jung.

“I am also watching several cooking programs these days. I am trying to learn from those chefs’ cooking styles. By the way, it was the first time I ever watched a cooking program. It was so interesting. It was surprising to find out how the food is being created with not just the ingredients but also with the chef’s passion and sincerity,” said the prospective chef.

Jung Yun-ho chose this drama as his last work before his enlistment. He is scheduled to join the army on July 21 this year.

“I had a lot of worries before making up my mind. I’ll be joining the army a soldier on active duty. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staffs for embrace me when I was under pressure regarding the enlistment. They were also supportive and created an amicable atmosphere. Their efforts were what made me really engage in filming, and feel like all my hard work is paying off. It will be really sad to leave not watching the drama to the end. The director promised me that he would send me the files so that I can watch later,” he answered briskly.

“I Order You” which consists of 16 episodes will first air at 10:00 from every Sunday to Wednesday on Naver tv Cast, starting July 5. Then it will air at 16:40 every Monday to Thursday on channel SBS Plus, starting July 6.





English News by GET IT K : (GET IT K Han Ji-hee, Photo by Choi Eun-hee, English Translation by Veronica Choi)
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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