[Trans/VID] 150711 Summary of Dreame’s Report on the Rice Wreath Fans Donations for Changmin’s Drama




Summary of the update on the rice wreaths donated for Changmin at the “Scholar who Walks the Night” press conference on July 7.

  • Fans from 16 countries {t/n: including Thailand, it would be 17} participated; South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Peru, Germany, Canada and the United States; sending a total of 47.52 tons of rice wreaths and 9 Dreame milk powder wreaths.
  • The rice wreaths will be donated to as designated by Changmin; elderly people living alone etc; as love’s rice donations to people living in difficult situations; the milk powder wreaths to infant care facilities.
  • 47.52 tons of rice (10kg of rice abt 4,752 portions) will be able to feed 400,000 people each; 4,400 people for one month.
  • this is now largest amount of rice donated since the culture started in 2007.
  • The rice wreath installation took 20 people about 12 hours to install; starting from July 7 at noon to midnight. 130 wreaths were set up, filling up MBC’s 1st floor lobby until the square outside
  • Until now (counting previous rice support for Paradise Ranch 5.49 tons 2011; Moonlight Prince 2013 230kg; MiMi 2014 12.91 tons), a total of 66.18 tons and 9 milk powder wreaths have been donated in support of Choikang Changmin. (Donated for the hungry)





Translated by @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express






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