[News-Soompi] 150721 TVXQ’s Yunho Starts Military Service Today, Says Heartfelt Goodbyes to Changmin and Friends


TVXQ’s Yunho Starts Military Service Today, Says Heartfelt Goodbyes to Changmin and Friends


It’s a sad day for TVXQ fans as member Yunho begins his military service today and does his duty as a citizen of South Korea.

{p/n: enlistment detials omitted}

According to local news source The Fact, Yunho met up with fellow TVXQ member Changmin nearby the SM Entertainment office in Cheongdam-dong, as well as with other friends. He is said to have said to Changmin, “I will return after performing my military duties diligently.  You too!”

An acquaintance of both members told The Fact that Changmin wanted to go to the army at around the same time as Yunho, even though he could have pushed back his enlistment date and done solo activities, in order to quickly and meet fans again as a complete TVXQ. According to the source, Yunho knows this and is very grateful to Changmin. Continue reading

[Instagram] 150721 TVXQ’s Bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan’s Message to Yunho~





be back well/u must be happy with good memories before going/all the good friends staff colleagues will cheer for u/be back stronger





TVXQ’s Bodyguard  Hyun Myunghwan (myunghwanhyun),
Translated by @mystaryunho,
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[News-Mwave] 150721 TVXQ′s U-Know Yunho to Enlist in Army Today (July 21)


TVXQ′s U-Know Yunho is enlisting in the army today.

U-Know Yunho will be entering a training camp on July 21, where he will receive five weeks of basic military training before serving as an active duty soldier for 21 months. The time and place of U-Know Yunho′s enlistment has not been disclosed per the star′s wishes to enlist quietly.

TVXQ′s U-Know Yunho to Enlist in Army Today (July 21)

U-Know Yunho wrapped TVXQ′s official activities with the conclusion of the TVXQ Special Live Tour on June 14. On tour, U-Know Yunho said to his fans, “It′s a temporary farewell. It feels like I′m going off on a new trip.” He continued, “For not saying a word and trusting me, I will live up to those expectations and return. I think that′s all I need to say.”

Max Changmin, who will be promoting on his own while U-Know Yunho is in the army, stated, “All I can say is thank you to those who supported us without fail. I′m thankful and sorry that I can′t express everything in words. We will repay you when we return in a few years, and we′ll get you back, so we′d like it if you′d wait for us in good health.”
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[Instagram] 150721 Yunho with Son Hojoon, 85st Coffee Owner and Others at Champagne MV Set





[cr: kang_habin]







[cr: 85st_coffee via @tvxq_et_moi]





kang_habin and 85st_coffee via @tvxq_et_moi,
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[TVXQ! Express] Dear Yunho, Please Serve Well and Comeback to us Safely~



Today, our beloved and leader, U-Know Yunho, will be taking a temporary break, to resume his life as Jung Yunho and fulfill his duties to his country. Let’s cheer him on! Please serve well and comeback to us safely~ (* ∵)T (・J・`*)


TVXQ! Express Y



Dear Yunho,

There are no words enough to describe how inspiring and amazing a human being you are, and it doesn’t feel right to list them here, because it would sound as if we are saying goodbyes when we are just switching lines together!

Thank you so much for taking care of yourself, Changmin, TVXQ and us. Thank you for always putting us into your mind, and for working twice as hard to meet up our selfish super high expectations of you guys! Thank you for deciding to leave us with smiles and joy! Your performance in “I Order You” is fantastic and uniquely good!! Champagne is so catchy and fun to watch, not exaggerating if we said it will take us your enlistment hiatus to digest every detail of its glory!! Actually, TVXQ’s “RISE AS GOD” is basically gold, no… it is priceless! An amazing surprise that we thought would be impossible to happen, but it did, so thank you so much, both of you and Changmin! You are too good for us, we would like to think, and thus we will try our best to be the best fans an artist ever had! We will make you feel proud of us just like how you made us feel.

Your TVXQ train, which we all enjoy riding, including you, might slow down in the future as a consequence, but we all know that will NEVER STOP!! We all know that it will pick up its speed, fire up its engine twice as before and charges ahead strong to the next station!

Today is a happy day because we are left with a promise of an even more brighter journey ahead of us! Stay safe, we wish you all the best in your army service and that you finish it in good shape and mind!

We are anticipating the new journey and the next station you will lead us to! We can’t wait to see how much you grew and learned! We, as well, will work hard in our lives to meet the goals we set, so let’s grow into amazing people together~


We are T-ing, always, and for as long as you wish,


written by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express