[Trans] 150723 “Scholar Who Walks The Night” Shim Changmin, Major Improvements in Acting

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[OSEN Focus] “Scholar Who Walks The Night” Shim Changmin, Major Improvements in Acting


TVXQ member Shim Changmin has entered the stable zone as an actor. In “Scholar Who Walks the Night”, he played the role of Crown Prince Lee Yoon, whose charisma overflowed through his steady tonation. Shim Changmin, who has been showing us performances that are beyond our expectation adds another fun factor for watching this drama.


Shim Changmin currently plays the role of Lee Yoon in MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Scholar Who Walks the Night”. Crown Prince Lee Yoon is a reformist that despises the Joseon Dynasty and its influentials {t/n: refers to a group of people who have been in the position of power for a long time. I couldn’t find a fitting english word…} who sold their souls to the vampire, Gwi (Lee Soohyuk) in order to continue their reign (over the Joseon Dynasty). Lee Yoon is truly a character of justice, when he is in front of someone whom he has interest in, namely Yangsun (Lee Yoobi), a person who disguised herself as a man, he will conceal his true self, who is looking for the covert plan to destroy Gwi in order to reform Joseon (to relieve Yangsun from knowing about his true ambition).



Lee Yoon, together with Kim Sungyeol (Lee Junki), are the men that catches the hearts of the female audiences of this drama. Shim Changmin is a young actor who plays a very cool character. Shim Changmin uses his lovely voice and deep gaze to express the pain and agony of the Crown Prince. He has successfully expressed the pitiful Lee Yoon who surpressed his uneasiness that he may be murdered sooner or later through the wonderful eyes expression and the manly charm of Shim Changmin.

Shim Changmin emitted his strong charisma in this drama. Also, whenever he worries for the safety of Yangsun, he gives off a gentle charm. Shim Changmin acted the cool character flawlessly, and together with Lee Junki who took on the role of Sungyeol, the two handsome men imprinted a strong and handsome impression.


Shim Changmin’s acting gained recognition through “Scholar Who Walks The Night”. No matter what, those who debuted as singers will receive harsh criticisms for their acting in the early phase. Shim Changmin too, in the early phase when he first debuted (as an actor), was wrapped in the same harsh atmosphere. But once he came in touch with this script, he displayed very strong enthusiasm. His skillful performance in period drama “Scholar Who Walks The Night” proceeded to dismiss a part of the concern for him.


Usually, period dramas are a “grave” to young actors (means they won’t do well). If the acting skills aren’t strong, it will exude an awkward atmosphere. Shim Chamgmin took up the role well with his comparatively stable acting and grapsed the main gist of the drama very well. A singer with burning fervor when on stage, (and) in acting, showed that he completely achieved a well-rounded image. Shim Changmin having achieved growth as an actor along the way captured the attention of many.



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