[Trans] 150701 Ahead of his Enlistment, Jung Yunho’s Fans Donate 36 tons of Rice Wreaths, Providing a Meal Each to 300,000 People


For the press conference of Yunho’s drama “I Order You” held on June 29th at the SBS Seoul Mokdong building, rice wreaths sent in support of Yunho filled the inside of first floor lobby and outside. He support came from Korea and countries, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, the United States, Canada, Panama, Peru etc.  Continue reading

[Trans] 150701 The Sketch of “I Order You”’s set, Yunho’s Begin Again (Yunho for “HIGH CUT” Vol.153, Release on 150702)


What kind of taste does the dosirak made by U-Know Yunho have. Yunho has transformed into a chef. In his last work before enlistment, the web drama “I Order You” (script by Lee Mun Hwee, Oh Bo Hyun, directed by Ahn Gil-Ho). In the drama, Yunho acts as the warm chef Yeo Gook Dae who makes handmade dosiraks. This drama is the first time amongst Actor Jung Yunho’s three times in a leading part, that is in a romantic comedy. The broadcast will be on Naver TVCast and cable channel, SBS PLUS from the beginning of July. In the interview, Yunho describes “I Order You” as his “graduation piece”. For four days, HIGH CUT went to find him at the set of his graduation piece. Journalist: Jang Chang Hwan, Photo-journalist: Kim Bo Ra, Photographer Park Ja Wook.

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[Partial Trans] 150701 Preview of Yunho’s Interview for KR Magazine “HIGH CUT” Vol.153 (Release on 150702)

cr: newsen via Daum


Translated by @snxy :

  • Abt the final encore concert- Yunho said altho he had finished it w/o crying, he had been worried abt wht to do if he had. While singing Yunho had almost cried 2x. At e last con, if he had cried, somehow it wld feel like the curtain had been lowered on his life as a singer after the last concert had ended, Yunho cried in the waiting room ㅠㅠ Continue reading

[Trans] 150630 Son Ho Joon Mentions Yunho in Korean Magazine “NYLON” – July Issue 2015

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Q. Which do you prefer as a travel destination? Cities or the wilderness(nature)?

A. In my interview for ‘Youth Over Flowers,’ I answered Las Vegas when I was asked where I wanted to go. Since way back, Yunho and I would talk about going to Las Vegas when we became successful. Back then we didn’t travel, and knew scarcely anything about other Continue reading