[INFO] 150703 On the U-KNOW from TVXQ! x MINETANI Collaboration, a TVXQ! Necklace!



The U-KNOW from TVXQ! x MINETANI Collaboration necklace is articulated around TVXQ!’s powerful and charismatic image along with MINETANI’s balance of contemporary and antique designs that illustrate the modern generation.




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[Instagram] 150703 Yunho’s Selca with TVXQ Stylist and Others~




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[VID/INFO] 150703 Bigeast Mission Card 45, New Bigeast Mission series “Gold Mission” to Start this Month!





Regarding the text at the end of the mission, it seems that a “new BE Mission series ‘Gold Mission’ will be uploaded every 2nd and 4th Wed of the month starting this month until 6/30/2017”





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[Instagram] 150703 Yunho in a Selca with Actor Joowon~



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[Instagram] 150703 Good Brother Changmin in Lee Junki’s Insta Vid~






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[PIC] 150703 LIVE DVD & Blu-ray「Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2015 WITH」Jacket has been Revealed! (Release on 150819)



For the Limited Edition of both the DVD ver and the Blu-ray one:





For the Regular Edition of both the DVD ver and the Blu-ray one:


Please check out release information we posted previously: here




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[Trans] Yunho for Korean Magazine “HIGH CUT” Vol.153 (Released on 150702)


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cr: highcut.co.kr

Q. TVXQ’s last concert took place a little while ago. It’ll be two more years until you can get back on the concert stage again. You’ve performed countless songs on stage, but which moment do you think you’ll miss the most? For instance, when you are in the midst of ranger training or CBR training at the army-the fondest memory that’ll cross your mind in your toughest times.

A. I think I’ll miss the stage itself rather than a particular moment. I always express my emotions on stage, be it through laughing or crying. Well, the audience probably didn’t see me cry all that much, because I cry backstage a lot. If during my ranger or CBR training that moment(on stage) should pop into my mind, I will accept that proudly as a soldier. I think I’ll miss it when I see my sunbaes or hoobaes perform on TV.


Q. Artists tend to tear up at their last concerts, but you looked quite composed. What were you thinking at that moment on stage?

A. Actually, I was secretly worried that I might cry. I felt a lump form in my throat about twice while I was singing. I wanted to tell my fans that ‘there’s going to be a next time.’ I had the feeling that if I cried at my (last) concert before enlisting, it would be as if my life as a singer was coming to an end. That kind of sentiment was something that I myself could not put up with. Also, since it was a concert in Korea, I wanted to show fans a smiling face as much as I could. I cried a lot in the dressing room after the concert. But still, I realized once again that I’m a very happy kid, and that I’ve been loved a lot. During the whole concert, I wanted to give my all till the very end, and only thought about enjoying the moment more. Continue reading

[Fanacc] 150701 KBS “the Morning Forum” Show Writer Compliments Yunho




(Heard from an acquaintance)

The 아침마당 (Morning Forum: the show yunho was on this morning for the gwangju universiade) writer’s compliments for yunho!! The person (yunho) is kind and cooperative. As the schedules did not fit, they could not do an interview in advance, so yunho asked him to send over his questions in an audio file… today, even tho it was raining, he signed autographs for people too.





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