[INFO/PIC] 150708 “Scholar who Walks the Night” Interview on MBC Section TV is Coming this Sunday!


MBC Section TV to broadcast an interview with the cast of drama “Scholar who Walks the Night” this sunday at 03:45 PM KST.
The Drama’s first Episode will be broadcast on TV today in 10 minutes (10:00 PM) and it will be first aired on 드라맥스 (Dramax) at tomorrow.


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[VID] 150708 BIGEAST Fanclub – Tohoshinki THE GOLD MISSION #001



New Bigeast mission series has started!! today is the first episode as was uploaded on Bigeast official website. We will have new epidsodes every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month until 6/30/2017, so let’s look forward to them~

First Episode seems to be an introduction. Tohoshinki has recorded it right after they come from Singapore (for Shilla Store Opening), so they were a bit tired. Check out how they come up with the name of this new series! Enjoy please~ ^^






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[News-Kpop Herald] 150708 Lee Joon-gi, TVXQ’s Changmin Turn into Vampire, Prince for New TV drama


Korean period drama meets “Twilight” in a new MBC drama, starring two of the most popular hallyu stars — Lee Joon-gi and Changmin of TVXQ.

In “Scholar Who Walks the Night,” actor Lee Joon-gi takes on the role of vampire scholar Kim Sung-yeol. After a long hiatus since 2012, Lee returns to the small screen with a vampire role that seems fit for the actor with pale skin, sharp features and substantial experience with period dramas in the past.


Lee Joon-gi (OSEN)

“My looks aren’t what they once were, unfortunately,” said Lee, with a laugh at the press conference on Tuesday in Seoul. “Age takes its toll on all of us. But what I lacked in looks, I tried very hard to make up for with solid acting. I hope viewers will watch the show and understand that the production staff and I put a lot of thought and imagination into developing this character.” Continue reading

[VID/Partial Trans/Fanacc] 150707 Changmin at “Scholar who Walks the Night” Press Conference



Official full video that was a live stream, press starts at 13:17, changmin first appears at 23:04, there is a new teaser of the drama as well at 31:21~36:48:


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcOa055JWHI]


<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
                    <밤을 걷는 선비> 심창민, “수염 때문에 고민 많았다” [제작발표회] 이미지-1

Also official video of his cut here


[cr: MBCkpop]



Changmin’s cuts:






Changmin’s being asked about Yunho:


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcdm6px_ixE]


[cr: Jung Yunho]



Partial Translation:


Translation are either directly from the video or from news article reports as translators indicated, also some fanaccounts by fans who attended:


Translated by @snxy:

  • commentator called this a “visual tsunami” – changmin u’re too tall the words are on your head

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  • he said he was able to enjoy and do well because of all the help from all these good actors; chose role cos of the touching? storyline
  • changmin: as it is my first period drama, although it was difficult, i got a lot of help from everyone around. ;;;;;
  • choikang changmin “is it cute like that?” www

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  • asked changmin about yunho and the dramas they are filming at the same time as the both of us were filming at the same time and are learning, rather than giving advice, we encouraged each other on and to work hard together. after he said that as u all could see he looked shy!!!!LIAENLKJNAS:
  • the first issue? the director and i discussed was whether or not to add a moustache, we talked for a long time. den we added e moustache.  it was more like lee yoon than i and thought before. so the director’s thinking was right. so we added the moustache. as yunho hyung is also filming, as the both of us are still lacking and need improvement in a lot of areas, rather than giving advice, we were encouraging each other on to work hard more.
  • the qs was abt yunho’s enlistment and his solo activities; also abt what their last schedule together was changmin: yesterday, i went to japan as there was a company event and i was alone. as yunho hyung was not there, i was lonely  anyhw i worked harder (bc of tt), for me, there must b e 2 of us to be reassuring (**i will double check this bc i wrote in shorthand) so if we could come back quickly together on stage, it would be good.
  • yunho hyung, too has a lot of work to do.. but if we can make time, i hope we can eat together; we shldn’t spend such  a long time on phone calls… ** will check with articles** i didn’t manage to take anymore notes after this.
  • Changmin’s ans on Yunho’s enlistment and activities f: my notes and newsen article

  • Changmin on his moustache for Lee Yoon and Yunho and his support for each other’s filming –

  • PD on Changmin’s casting

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Translated by @mug_ping:




Translated by @WorldMaxified:

  • Changmin: “my first period piece is quite difficult, but I have been getting help from others.”
  • Producer on Changmin “the writer has worked with Changmin, and he has huge potential…he just did not have many opportunities
  • PD on Changmin 2: “When you see the work, you will be surprised at what he can do(his acting is like).
  • Changmin: “PD and I talked a lot about the moustache, and he told me to trust him. And I think it adds to power to the prince charac
  • Changmin on YH: “He and I are at beginning stage as actors, so rather than giving advice, we encourage each other to do best
  • Changmin on original webtoon charac appearance: “I still feel awkward with moustache, but my fans say ‘you don’t look bad'”
  • Changmin asked by reporter about YH enlisting and how it feels like to do things alone 1 : “I was at my company’s concert yesterday .I felt empty, but I accomplished what I needed to do alone. Album activities should be done as two.
  • Changmin on YH: “I shall send him off after meeting, having a meal, or a long talk over phone. He also has work lined up bf enlisting.





Translated by @sehunownsme:

  • Changmin seemingly recognized some ppl in the crowd cos he waved at them then the MC also noted that some of Changmin’s fans came lol
  • Changmin said he will be playing a person who is very charismatic.He also said that he was able to do this drama bec of good director+actors
  • Question was about what are the preparations the pd made regarding the vampire concept drama regarding casting lol
  • PD: It was especially hard for shim changmin because of his overseas schedule. Shim changmin will shock you in this drama
    CM: *sighs*
  • Changmin: yunho hyung is also doing a drama. We know that both of us are still lacking a lot (in acting) and we’re gonna keep doing our best
  • The earlier question was abt how did cm deal with acting as someone older and cm said the director told him to just trust and follow him
  • Changmin: my character’s personality from mine is actually different so i had to focus well on it. I srsly prepared and thought a lot for it
  • Q: yunho is going to the army soon. Do you have any plans with him before he leaves for the army?
  • Changmin: i actually did a company concert yesterday and i did it alone. I also wish that we will do events together again.
  • Changmin: i have a lot of work to do on the days leading to hyung’s enlistment but if there is time, i hope to eat with him before he leaves
  • The same reporter also asked kim so eun if song jae rim messaged him and she said he did lol




Translated by @rangrang24:

  • ‘밤선비’ PD "최강창민, 놀라운 연기자 변신 볼 수 있을 것" Director of ‘Scholar walking at night’ “You’d be surprised by Changmin’s acting”
  • ‘밤선비’ PD "최강창민, 놀라운 연기자 변신 볼 수 있을 것" Director of ‘Scholar walking at night’ “You’d be surprised by Changmin’s acting”
  • [단독] 최강창민, 의경합격…‘밤선비’ 끝내고 입대예정 Changmin to join military service as police after finishing ‘Scholar walking at night’
  • [밤을걷는선비 공홈 Scholar walking at night official hp] 이윤 役 심창민 님~★ Changmin’s photos in press conference
  • Director “Dramatist Hyunjoo Chang writing Paradise Ranch & Scholar walking at night recommended Changmin for prince”
    Director “Changmin seems to have great potential as actor after meeting him. He will show great acting in the drama”



Translated by @tvxq_et_moi:

  • press conference rough trans 1 (Cr: 双c)

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  • 밤을 걷는 선비 press conference rough trans 2 (Cr: 谁管你) asking abt pasting on the mustache and his feelings abt it.

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  • press conference rough trans 3 (Cr: MBC夜行书生) always wishing to carry out activities as two… ㅠㅠ

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  • press conference rough trans 4 (Cr: MBC夜行书生) talked abt Yunho~

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Translated by @tvxq_et_moi:





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