[News-Soompi] 150712 Lee Jun Ki Compares His Abs to TVXQ Changmin’s and Lee Soo Hyuk’s


Lee Jun Ki Compares His Abs to TVXQ Changmin’s and Lee Soo Hyuk’s

Actor Lee Jun Ki compared his abs to those of TVXQ Changmin‘s and Lee Soo Hyuk‘s.

On the July 12 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” the lead cast of “Scholar Who Walks the Night” gave an interview.

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[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 150712 “Scholar who Walks the Night” Cast Interview on MBC Section TV





A cut of the interview as uploaded by MBCentertainment official youtube:





LQ Video by Aki Rose:




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[Trans/VID] 150711 “We Got Married- Joy and Sungjae TVXQ Fan Proof at the Noraebang “Ardently singing”

On We Got Married broadcast July 11th, Joy & Sungjae were at the noraebang wondering what song to sing and Sungjae chose TVXQ’s Rising Sun. Both danced along excitedly while singing, even following Changmin’s high note


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Additional: (On the choice of TVXQ’s rising sun on WGM)
Joy; something that she sings often with friends when she goes (to the noraebang).
Sungjae (choice of song) wasn’t as a married couple, was done as fans.

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[Weibo] 150711 The Shilla Duty Free Official Weibo on TVXQ’s Enlistment



Shilla Duty Free on news of Changmin’s upcoming enlistment:

Yunho and Changmin will be enlisting one after another, Shilla will continue to release photos and videos of the two oppas. Together with everyone, Shilla will await their return.




The Shilla Duty Free’s official Weibo (新罗免税店) via @snxy,
Translated by @snxy
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[Trans/VID] 150711 Summary of Dreame’s Report on the Rice Wreath Fans Donations for Changmin’s Drama




Summary of the update on the rice wreaths donated for Changmin at the “Scholar who Walks the Night” press conference on July 7.

  • Fans from 16 countries {t/n: including Thailand, it would be 17} participated; South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Peru, Germany, Canada and the United States; sending a total of 47.52 tons of rice wreaths and 9 Dreame milk powder wreaths.
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[News-Soompi]150712 Yesung Reveals the TVXQ, Super Junior, and EXO Members of SMTOWN’s ‘Earth Protection Squad’


Yesung of Super Junior recently revealed the members that make up SMTOWN’s ‘Earth Protection Squad.’

On July 12, Yesung shared through his personal Instagram account, “Earth Protection Squad..!! Thanks to these dongsaengs (younger brothers) for coming to support~ #SuperJunior #TVXQ #EXO #Changmin #Xiumin #Chen #Eunhyuk #Yesung.” He also called the group ‘Dong Su Ex’ as a shortened name for the members’ respective groups. Continue reading