[Trans/Official TVXQ! Website Update] 150715 From Star: [MAX] Everybody, I’m Writing this After a Long Time.

Everybody, I’m writing this after a long time.
Lately, it’s been quite hot, the humidity index has increased, there are many frustrating things right? ><

In the summer, you have to take care of your health…… of course!!
Without preamble, I’ll stick to the point!!
I’m now filming “Scholar That Walks the Night”, appearing in the role of Lee Yoon.ㅋ

In this hot summer, every Wednesday and Thursday from 10pm to 11pm
please watch it a lot as all the staff and actors are working hard, filming! ^^
yes.. that’s right..
I believe everyone will avoid the heat well!ㅋㅋ

While avoiding the heat!
Please watch our fun, refreshing, and lovely drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night”! ^^







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[NEWS-Soompi] 150715 TVXQ Will “RISE AS GOD” With Special Album Featuring Solos as Double Title Tracks

TVXQ Will “RISE AS GOD” With Special Album Featuring Solos as Double Title Tracks

TVXQ will be releasing a new special album “RISE AS GOD” the day before Yunho‘s enlistment.

On July 20, TVXQ will release the special album “RISE AS GOD” through various music sites. This is the first comeback that they will be making since “Spellbound” about one year and five months ago.

As Yunho will be enlisting in the military on July 21 and the group will inevitably go on hiatus, this is an album to thank the fans who have cheered on and loved TVXQ.

“RISE AS GOD” comes from Continue reading

[PIC/Trans] 150714 Blog Entry of the Painter Whose Painting Yunho Gifted to the 85st Coffee Shop

blog entry of a painter whose painting appears in I Order You, which Yunho took as a gift to 85st


I Order You~^^
It’s a drama I’m having the most fun watching these days.
Not because I’ve took part in it, but becaues it’s really good! So good that I wish it were a miniseries.
My painting ‘Congyi’ might appear somewhere between ep1 and ep16.
Also ‘Yeoni,’ which UKnow Yunho took with him, saying he liked it~
For the first time in my life, my painting has gone to someone else, and that person is UKnow Yunho ^^
Yunho, who was so nice and wonderful throughout the shoot, has an eye for paintings~ㅋㅋㅋ
Even if you’re a little fat with beady eyes, and ugly, you can become a ballerina soaring through the sky, towards the world!!^^
I drew her hoping that my cartoons and paintings, which have not been able to see the light for a very long time, would someday sprout wings and fly into the world. Continue reading