[Instagram] 150718 TVXQ’s Bodyguard Shares a Touching Message to Yunho and Updates from Changmin’s Drama Filming Set




13 years have passedㅋㅋ This, too, shall pass, Yunho-yah.
Make more good memories and friends and come back awesomely to the stage…





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[VID/Eng Sub] 150718 Changmin’s MBC Drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night” EP 03 and 04 + Ep 05 Preview




Raw Changmin cuts of the episodes on MBC Official Website/Youtube channel:


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[Trans] 150718 “Unprecedented Cane Dance..” TVXQ Performance’s Essence

Extract of the article:

(First half of the teaser) First, attention is attracted by the dream-like atmosphere. TVXQ appears in a room, thick with smoke. The two men are shown, lying on top of glass cases, with their eyes, closed.

(Second half of the teaser) The colorful dance is also impressive. U-Know Yunho is holding a cane, dancing under flashy lights. While turning the cane, he shows off an excellent dance.


Album Teaser video on SMTown Channel on naver : Link





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[Weibo] 150718 TVXQ! with a Child Actor, Looks Like They were at Changmin’s Solo MV Filming Set


we aren’t sure when the photo was published because we can’t find yet on the original weibo account



cute random information:

[tweet https://twitter.com/mug_ping/status/622085043469443072]



photo has just been posted on the child actor’s official FB page ^^




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