[Instagram] 150729 Yunho’s Cousin Post an Old Photo of Yunho in Celebrating his Drama Hitting 10M Views!


Yunho’s sister and his cousin had previously posted similar photos from the same time, from this one it seems they were at a train station instead of an airport as we reported before. All in all, Congratulation Yunho!! 10 millions views by the last episode has been successfully done! Hopefully the views keep soaring even more!!








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[Instagram] 150729 Changmin’s Spotted in a Video Actor Lee Junki Posted of his Fans’ Food Support for the Drama


TVXQ’s bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan can be spotted as well~






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[FB] 150729 Please Show Lots of Love and Support for TVXQ! Max’s Drama!

Notice Changmin’s leg manner~ ^^



‘밤을 걷는 선비’ 촬영장에서 스탭을 위해 매너다리를 시전하신 세손 저하 🙂 오늘 밤 10시, 최강창민이 출연하는 드라마 ‘밤을 걷는 선비’, 본방 사수 부탁 드려요!
Please show lots of love and support for TVXQ! Max’s drama!



Episode 07 is going to air tonight at 10pm KST, to watch it click here [you’ll need to make an account first though, use this tutorial (cr: @tvxq_et_moi) or this one (cr: We Are T)]





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