[Trans] 150717 SM Official Notice on Yunho’s Military Enlistment; He is to Enlist Quietly



We have some information to tell all the fans who love TVXQ.
Just like how we have let everyone know through the official report documents, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has become due to enlist in the military as an active army duty soldier on 21 July.

We respect Yunho’s personal wish in hoping to quietly enlist in order not to create any inconvenience to his fellow peer army recruits who are enlisting together with him on the same day, his family and army soldiers, and because there will not be any kind of official activities scheduled at the venue, we hope for everyone’s understanding.

In addition, regardless of whether it is domestically or internationally, we request the particular attention of all the fans to not participate in any illegal tours which have not received approvals and getting into trouble as a result.

We deeply thank the fans who love U-Know Yunho, and till the day he is able to conclude his 1 year 9 months military service healthily and make his return, we hope for the unwavering support of all the fans.
Thank you.





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[Trans] 150717 About the Double-Title Solo Tracks of TVXQ! Special Album “RISE AS GOD”



Changmin’s Solo:

Changmin solo which highlight his vocal, Rise As One, is a progressive EDM track with the combination of the acoustic guitar melody and progressive sound, a song that redefined the meaning of the rising of TVXQ with beautiful guitar melody and the latest trend of EDM sounds.


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[Instagram] 150717 Changmin in Selcas with his “Scholar Who Walks the Night” Co-actors~


[cr: TVXQ! Bodyguard Hyun MyunhHwan (myunghwanhyun)]



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[INFO] 150717 TVXQ! Special Album “RISE AS GOD” Track List is OUT!!!


01. 현기증 (Vertigo)
02. 샴페인 (Champagne)
03. Rise As One
04. 비를 타고… (Everyday It Rains)
05. Smile (웨딩드레스)
06. 너는 내꺼 (Top of The World)
07. Apology
08. Komplikated
09. Dominus
10. Lucky Star





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[INFO] 150717 TVXQ! “RISE AS GOD” Album Tracks and MV Teasers to be Revealed Starting TONIGHT!!!






TVXQ Special Album ‘RISE AS GOD’
Double title ‘Champagne’ (Yunho), ‘Rise As One’ (Max Changmin)
July 17 special album teaser
July 18 ‘Rise As One’ M/V teaser
July 19 ‘champagne’ M/V teaser
July 20 songs special album published


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