[Trans/Official TVXQ! Website Update] 150705 STAFF DIARY: I Order You!!


Hello 🙂
This is TVXQ’s representative.

Today at 10am!
On Naver TVCast, there was the broadcast of “I Order You” where Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho) plays the handsome chef “Yeo Gook Dae”!
Did everyone watch it??

You can meet him on “I Order You” through Naver TVCast on Sundays to Wednesdays; and on SBS Plus tomorrow on Mondays to Thursdays. Don’t forget and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow too, I hope you will watch it. ->

And also, on the 29th of June, was the press conference of “I Order You”. Thank you very much for the much interest sent by fans.

From now on too, please continue (used onomatopoeia 쭈~욱) to watch over Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho)





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[VID/Trans] 150705 Changmin for “Scholar who Walks the Night” Drama Photoshoot BTS!






Please watch the video on the official drama website: here

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Video Translation:

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[Instagram] 150705 Both of Yunho’s Sister Jihye and Cousin have Enjoyed “I Order You” 1st Episode~


  • Yunho’s sister Jihye’s Instagram:





  • Yunho’s  cousin’s instagram:






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[Trans] 150705 The Owner of “Books Cooks” Cafe Blogged about Yunho and Yunho Fans

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After the drama shoot at Books Cooks came to an end,
many U-Know Yunho fans have visited us here.
They were calm, orderly, patient, and well-mannered.
I am experiencing another world through them.
I received this gift from one of his fans.
I only offered to safekeep her mini fold-up chair, and she came back to Korea and pulled it out cautiously.
I know well how it is a part of their custom to always give presents, though the presents may not be big, so I didn’t refuse and received it with gratitude. Continue reading

[Instagram] 150705 A Makeup Staff on Yunho in the 2015 Gwangju Universiade




last schedule with yunho oppa.. 😢😭
also ate duck stew in gwangju (ㅋㅋㅋ) Continue reading

[Instagram] 150705 “I Order You”, First Episode on Air Today’s Morning!




Cant believe that day is finally here. #당신을주문합니다 will be shown on Naver TVCast at 10am!




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[Instagram] 150705 Shim Jaewon’s Texting Changmin, Happy 10,000 days!


Shim Jaewon sent to “Dancing god shim chwang chwang-ie” (aka changmin) a fanart(?) of his famous Luffy pose today!

Happy 10,000 days since birth Shim Changmin \(* > w <)/.+゚*。:゚+







Shim Jaewon’s Instagram () via @joeylfy
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