[News-Soompi] 150716 Son Ho Joon Reveals Travel Plans With TVXQ’s Yunho Once He Returns From Military Service

Son Ho Joon Reveals Travel Plans With TVXQ’s Yunho Once He Returns From Military Service

Actor Son Ho Joon revealed his travel plans with his best friend TVXQ’sYunho.

In a recent interview with News 1 Sports for the movie “Three Summer Nights,” he says, “I’ve always had plans of traveling with friends.”

He mentions one of his close friends Yoo Yeon Seok, saying, “After Laos, Yeon Seok and I are still trying to match up our schedules. We’d like to go together, but when I’m not busy, he has no time because of work. And once he finishes, I start something new.” Continue reading

[NEWS-Soompi] 150716 TVXQ’s Yunho Is an Ethereal Beauty in the Last Photo Shoot Before Enlistment

Hallyu king TVXQ‘s Yunho took part in his last magazine photo shoot before his enlistment, gracing the cover of The Celebrity.

He is the definition of handsome in a suit jacket that matches him perfectly, and he flaunts his stylish hair one last time before he will need to chop them off for enlistment. Continue reading

[Instagram] 150716 Changmin’s Prince Lee Yoon with Hye Ryung~



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윤 과 학영 만남 #밤선비#혜령

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Note: Kim So Eun’s Character’s name is Hye Ryung, after the time jump.



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[Instagram] 150715 Yunho with Yunwoo, TVXQ’s Stylist Kid, for a Meal Together Last Week~





0715 last weekend, yunwoo got to meet yunho hyungah after a long time when my hubby commendably said he wanted to treat Yunho to a good meal before he enlists ^^ He was excited and all worked up because Yunho hyungah, as expected, Continue reading