[PIC/Fancam/Fanacc] 150711 Changmin Attended Super Junior’s Super Show 6 Encore Concert




Changmin arriving at the venue:



[cr: 皮利滨才不黑]




Changmin arriving…

Enjoying the concert~




[cr: ___JYT___ ]



[cr: @lovelyan]


TVXQ’s body guard waiting for Changmin~


[cr: Hyun Myunghwan’s instagram (myunghwanhyun)]




[cr: @BeE_LLDT]


[cr: 蒲公英如果会飞行]




[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AkPzhjYDOE]


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYwbHr5uT1U]


[cr: rona1226님의 채널]




[cr: @MIU_BOZ]


Changmin leaving


[cr: @BeE_LLDT]






via/translated by @snxy:

  • Seems like Changmin -may not- be appearing on stage as he is seated on the second storey, watching f: _JYT_
  • Changmin is seated nxt to chanyeol. Along w chen, baekhyun, xiumin. f: 小夕_最爱萌萌沈宝贝
  • Changmin is really (Kyu’s) true love; he was really high; esp at Kyuhyun’s introduction. OP was afraid he would pass out laughing f: _jyt_
  • “rocking back and forth with laughter”
  • changmin and the exo boys seem to have left their seats _jyt_ (no idea if it’s for awhile or for the rest of the concert)
  • Papa Bear is using the SWWTN fan!!!
  • Changmin & company have returned, just in time for his true love’s solo (kyuhyun’s). All the while, line of sight trained on him f: _jyt_
  • kyuline is slowly appearing.. choi minho has arrived at the concert too f:小夕_最爱萌萌沈宝贝
  • from OP’s friend at the Super Junior concert – as the venue is hot seems like Changmin has a small fan placed in frt of him 
  • ㅋㅋㅋ u can see a glimpse of changmin during chokiwa
  • Changmin kept waving the light stick and while jumping, danced a lot to chokiwa
  • Changmin during chokiwa f: _jyt_

    Embedded image permalink
  • Spot the high changmin f: tagged

  • Changmin today as indicated by the  
  • Changmin who is waving the Super Junior lightstick
  • Spot Changmin #2 ㅋㅋ f: tagged

    Embedded image permalink
  • Changmin at the SJ concert today f: tagged – he was also able to look at fans while eating ㅋ multi-tasker ftw

    Embedded image permalink
  • Changmin was drinking often; seems it was the red Vitamin Water. Also could it be that he was using the TVXQ fan? he drank 2 bottles. Snacks too, a choc-coated snack. While eating, he was talking to chanyeol bside. Anw he was rly cute f:Yunho_luv_Rona
  • Clip of Kyuhyun in his grass skirt (?!!) getting rly high when he sees his friends – Spot Changmin #4
  • Spot Changmin #5 as Kyuhyun comes round f: 蒲公英如果会飞行

  • Guys, the manager is carrying the TVXQ fan ;; so changmin was using it, right? ;; (frm prev trans fa)



via/translated by @tvxq_et_moi:

  • Changmin’s really high esp when Kyuhyun does his self intro, really afraid he’ll pass out laughing (cr: jyt)
  • changmin’s laughing real hard, rocking back n forth, and he’s seated beside chanyeol (cr: 小歹)
  • Oh changmin left the concert with exo (cr: jyt)
  • So Changmin went back to his seat at the concert with exo just when kyuhyun’s solo started~ (cr: jyt)
  • Is that changmin in white? (Cr: on pic)

    Embedded image permalink
  • 150711 Changmin at SS6 encore fanacct by jyt. He’s really having a lot of fun!

    Embedded image permalink
  • During SS6, Minho was seated a row in front of Changmin but Minho still turned arnd to chat and laugh together with Changmin (cr: bella)
  • Another fanacct of Changmin at SS6 by shimly的kitty酱

    Embedded image permalink
  • Spot Changmin fanboy-ing at suju’s conc ㅋㅋ (b_bbong instavid)





Translated by @joeylfy:

  • OP’s friend at SUJU con, the venue is so hot (as in the temp) that our Changmin has a mini fan in front of him  
  • SS6 Encore, not sure what was Changmin drinking, but he was drinking & eating snacks, all by himself www  
  • T1ST0RY PP fan, the mini fan, and his “still on” blue lighstick for SS6 Encore! (pic fr: 蒲公英如果会飞行) Changmin please

    Embedded image permalink





as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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