[Trans/VID] 150711 “We Got Married- Joy and Sungjae TVXQ Fan Proof at the Noraebang “Ardently singing”

On We Got Married broadcast July 11th, Joy & Sungjae were at the noraebang wondering what song to sing and Sungjae chose TVXQ’s Rising Sun. Both danced along excitedly while singing, even following Changmin’s high note


[cr: OSEN amd @ymamylim]


Additional: (On the choice of TVXQ’s rising sun on WGM)
Joy; something that she sings often with friends when she goes (to the noraebang).
Sungjae (choice of song) wasn’t as a married couple, was done as fans.

[cr: news1]



Video, starts at 11:05:





OSEN, @ymamylim and news1,
Translation by @snxy: 12, 3 & 4
Video by Red Velvet KHJ
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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